Newt In A Tea Cup

{November 15, 2007}   pirates of the seven seas

Now my aim is to take this whole debate outside the high ground of morality because it doesn’t have anything to do with morality. Many women who I have helped have said they are generally against abortion but that their situation is ‘different’.

“Even if you are against abortion you might face a moment where your situation is ‘different’. My work is about ensuring there is a fundamental respect that a woman can make that decision for herself at that point in her life.”

Exactly. Rebecca Gomperts is right on the money and deserves our respect and support for, not only her insight, but her courage to put that into action.

Forcing someone to carry a pregnancy to terms against their will is in direct contradiction of bodily autonomy and even of it wasn’t it’s a dangerous pragmatic in a world where thousands die of botched unsafe, secret abortions. But beyond that, and I’m falling into the moral trap I’m trying to avoid, everyone draws the line somewhere else and to put a thick line down is near impossible. This is a grey, grey world and when dealing with someone’s uterus and contents thereof it’s best to take a policy of discretion.

And if abortion was illegal rich, priviledge people would still find ways out of it. In fact there are plenty of rumours of women in the anti-choice movement that have their own abortions and then go straight back to picketing and regarding all the other women in the clinic as whores- because their situation is “different”. It’s known as “the only moral abortion is my abortion” syndrome.


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