Newt In A Tea Cup

{May 1, 2008}   Update

K has now been spending the nights in the red-light district. The neighbour has called the police on her for having a guy round the house. She dumped the baby with the grandmother (the one whom we suspect is bipolar or schizophrenic or something because she’ll be fine one second and then the next she starts yelling and screaming for hours on end). We don’t have a choice but to bottlefeed and have been getting milk to them. It’s not ideal- the place grandma lives is a not even the size of our bathroom, doesn’t have a proper door and has a snake hiding under all the clothes and dishes in one corner… If I thought the other was hell…

But maybe this way the baby might gain some weight. When I left she was three months old and 2.68k.

It kind of sucks that no matter what you do things keep getting worse and there is absolutely no solution. It kind of sucks to realise the relentless bleakness of people’s lives.

In positives my English lessons were a success and we had a great end of “term” party, the research project also showed huge, huge differences in the experience of labour for women with pre-natal lessons


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