Newt In A Tea Cup

{December 7, 2007}   Well, look at what’s on that front page…

When I’m at home I tend to hole up in my room with my computer and enjoy the role of serial lurker. Socialising with my parents whilst they watch CSI and it’s numerous tedious clone-shows every single night isn’t exactly my thing. As a result when I’m told my mother “wants to speak to me” it tends to be along the lines of “You need to clean up this mess” and…. no, just “you need to clean up this mess.” Oh, and last night we had “your aunt is about six months pregnant with her fifth child” which was unusual in of itself because last time I didn’t find out she was expecting until after the birth. And if my sister is reading this, no, I’m not joking and let me guess; the parental units forgot to inform you as well?

Tonight she called me over have a what I just read in the papers discussions. It was a talk of the “guy in our town convicted to 14 years in jail for rape and he used to work in your school” variety. “Do you know this guy- he taught was a black belt karate teacher in your high school’s sport centre? The rapes took place between 2004 and 2006- you left high school in 2005… The girl is two years younger at sixteen, she’d be what… 13 when it started… and you’d have been starting your GCSEs.”

No, I don’t know who it was. Yes, I’m happy he’s in jail and I’m so glad the entire courtroom is said to have gone into a standing ovation when he was sentenced. Look, it’s obscene he claimed the girls family planted used condoms with DNA evidence around his house. I know they didn’t buy it this time but you wouldn’t believe what you can get away with… Oh, my god not only did he threaten this guy who overheard him boasting about it but he forced people to watch him doing the crime?

I’m going to go to bed now and pray that all rapists can be put behind bars this Christmas.


Rachel says:

Impressive family dynamics.
My father introduced my mother’s pregnacy a few years back with the words, “girls, you know you’ve been asking for another cat? Well, soon you *will* hear the patter of tiny feet…”

On a slightly more serious note – can’t we just do a swap?
All the people who’ve got done for fraud (which is basically being imprisoned for stupidity, as far as I can see) can be fined or given a slap on the wrist or an asbo or something, and then all the rapists and violent criminals that actually *need* to be locked up could be….

tcupnewt says:

Argh! I’m such a terrible procrastinator!
In their defence they live in Canada and we are in the Uk. The last time I saw them was in 2004 I think.
XD I’d rather the cat.

Corporate fraud is a bit more serious though… But I completely agree with the sentiment. The prison system needs a complete rethink of priorities and to actually, you know, lock up some violent arses once in a while.

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