Newt In A Tea Cup

{August 19, 2007}   A-Levels!

I got straight As across the board!!1 I’m into the Uni I want- and I’m going to try for a scholarship! Straight As!

My strongest one was in English Lit (of which I did the worst on the Shakespeare and the best on my coursework – which was exploring the status of victimhood intersecting race and gender in Toni Morrison’s Jazz, and then the comparative essay on the failures of the American dream for both rich and poor.) Funnily enough I did worst on English Language which was my favourite subject and second worst in French; The irony being I’ve been bilingual all my live and received a French education for all of my formative years until I moved UK-wise.

But if that’s my worst I am sooo damn happy!



Richie says:


that’s great! and don’t worry, in a coupla years nobody will be talking about that shakespeare bloke anyway.
make yerself a nice celebratory cuppa!

cellycel says:

Congratulations! Here’s to doing well at your exams, and I wish you all the best in university!

tcupnewt says:

Thanky’all! 🙂

Liz says:

Wow, well done! 🙂 Bet you’re relieved it’s over 🙂 A Levels will seem like a distant and faintly scary dream in a years time, if not less 😉

Grace says:

Well done Newt! Smarty pants…

Kirsten says:

Woo! Yay! Well done!

Amy says:

Well bloody done!!!

Late – as i’m still hiatus(ing) but big congrats and ((hugs))

forgot to say – my baby – boo hoo – goes to uni on saturday!!

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