Newt In A Tea Cup

{August 13, 2007}   I am off

to a Christian conference for a week. I’m freaky scared (because there’s bound to be a lot of crazy) but also intrigued as to find out what I can learn and which ideas I can develop.

To be fair I’m more worried about the lack of privacy. I have a tendency to go really weepy without knowing why and I don’t want to have to explain to people why sometimes I can’t face them. The late development thing also means it’s ridiculously painful for me to lie down in any position and our sole accommodation is an mattress in a tent. So no sleep there. Damn hormones.

More than that my best friend who has been gone for ages is coming back for results day (which I’m going to be away for 😦 ) and I’m only going to be back long enough to see her for one night. 😦 😦 How the hell can I cope for a gap year without my friends network? Seriously, sisterhood is powerful. That and the one guy friend whose always got your back and gives you romantic advice like “Don’t bother answering his texts if you don’t like him” and “You don’t owe him anything, babe”.

All that stuff about friends replacing parents and family for advice- is that always so bad? And, if it takes a village to raise a child, is the breakdown of the nuclear family a negative thing? Much, much to ponder…


Kirsten says:

Have fun!

And I completely agree about the whole friends getting you through thing – but I’ve found after school you make the effort toi stay in touch with the ones you care about, and the Internet really helps because you can e-mail/blog/ use Face book from wherever you are.

And good luck for results day!

Richie says:

Even though I’m not religious, I used to end up at Christian things all the time because there was a crossover with social activism groups like the Salvation Army and I was in charge of organising all that stuff. I hope things go OK for you!

Since I hated everybody I was at school with, I can’t offer any insights into friendship networks.

Also good luck for results day!

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