Newt In A Tea Cup

{June 1, 2007}   Lazy Blogging Cause I Can

and hey! I’m 18 today so whatever I say goes! 😀 😀

Yayz for being one year older and allowed to buy alcohol!


Grace says:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Oh dear I started to writing Birmingham instead of Birthday then, and then I did it again just then!!

Erm…present present…*looks round room*…tip-ex? No? Oh well, good job I voted you a Thinking Blogger again yesterday then isn’t it! 😉

Richie says:

Happy Birthday 😀

Lucy says:

Woo happy birthday!!! I’m coming up to my 18th in July, bet it feels great!!

Amy says:

Happy (belated) birthday! 😀
(Oops, sorry, am a day later!)
I can’t wait to be 18 (October) – hope you had a good’un! 🙂
And yay for other young fems!

tcupnewt says:

Grace- Blogger Award will do just fine thank’ee. Unless, of course, you’re willing to send me oh, let’s say, £1000? I certainly won’t be objecting. 😛 No?

Richie- Thankyou!

Lucy- It hasn’t sunk in yet- the party is on Wednesday. It’ll just make life so much easier.

Amy- 🙂 We’re awesome ladies, we are. But what the hell do you mean “young”? I’ll have you know I’m a mature adult now. Since all of yesterday… XD

Erika says:

Happy birthday

Grace says:

Tell you what newt – you send me £1000 and then i’ll send you £1000! 🙂 Of course I awarded you the award before I knew it was your birthday!

Mwezzi says:

A belated Happy Birthday! Wow, yours is the day after mine. Here’s to being legally an adult!

Belated birhday (((hugs))) and xxx

(sorry haven’t been around much lately – silly busy)

Liz says:

Hey, happy belated birthday! 🙂 My sis turned 18 on 4th so it’s been very busy with the celebrations xxx

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