Newt In A Tea Cup

{May 30, 2007}   Pirates 3

Ms Elizabeth Swan = Awsomest Pirate King Evah! Yes or Yes?


cellycel says:

Yes! I just saw the movie today, and I was so happy with how they did Elizabeth. She’s self assured and self reliant. It’s great. There’s that bit where she’s like “what meks you think I need protecting” and that bit where Will asks her if she makes decisions on her own how can he trust her, and he says “You can’t” and keeps on making her own decisions.

Best yet, she became King. (They kept calling her “Your Highness” instead of “Your Majesty” though.

Lucy says:

Yeah i thought that was really good too, i loved how she played it aswell. Thought some of her acting in the first two weren’t as good, but this was excellent!!

tcupnewt says:

All the characters seem to have really matured into their roles now… They’re all so comfortable backstabbing and generally being a piraty bastard but it’s equal opportunity evilness so I’m a-ok with that. Liz especially became her own person… her relationship with Will was more of a thing where they understand that they love each other at the end of the day but do their own thing anyway.

I just think it’s great because the other day I was doing some face-painting for a little girl who wanted to be a pirate and she wanted to have a beard- and I was all like “There’s loads of woman pirates like Anne Bonny and Mary Read and Lady Ching but I can’t tell you more about them because you’re way too young to know the details and you mom will kill me.” Ahem. Now the pirate king is on our side. Mwahahaha!

Grace says:

Yes! But! There had to be a but…very good apart from far too high pitched when saying “I don’t think now’s the best time!” when Will asked her to marry him. I still can’t get used to him, he looked quite silly with the scarf on his head, like seriously get a different look, it only works on Jack and where’s your piece of 8 if you’re gonna go for sparrow-chic?

I did think she was a brilliant King though…and I still can’t fault Jack, he did vote her in afterall. He was even good in the 2nd film which was just a let down. How about Keith Richards though eh? Fancy that? I thought he was his brother rather than his dear ol’ dad though.

gingermiss says:

Seeing that movie made me want to be a pirate king. 😦

… which really sucked, because I couldn’t help but think about how the reality of pirates was so repulsive, many of them being serial rapists, murderers, and thieves.

tcupnewt says:

gingermiss- I think here it’s a case of the mythology trumping over the facts. All of the pirates in POTC have been romanticised and the nasty stuff is skimmed over so much that it’s like Alternate Universe piracy. In the playground the reality doesn’t matter so much… But yeah, I’m not quite sure exactly where that leaves us.

Grace- I felt that was the first time he came into his own role and was much less wooden… but he still does look so young and fluffy round the edges. I nearly squealed when I saw Keith- and then he picks up that banjo/guitar/thing!

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