Newt In A Tea Cup

{May 25, 2007}   Meme!

A – Available or Single? Single but not available

B – Best Friend? I don’t play favourites… I’ve got a few friends I’d die for.

C – Cake or Pie? Cherry pie please…

D – Drink of Choice? bitter lemon

E – Essential Item? What, like my handbag?

F – Favourite Colour? Blue and silver

G – Gummi Bears or Worms? Jelly Babies

H – Hometown? Marseille, France (more like a home metropolis complete with slums)

I – Indulgence? pastries, truffles and cocktails

J – January or February? January

K – Kids? I love them as long as I can hand them back to the parents at the end of the day

L – Life is incomplete without… friendships. Cheesy but so true.

M – Marriage Date? No thanks!

N – Number of Siblings? One older sister

O – Oranges or Apples? going to go for apples but I’m not overly keen on either

P – Phobias/Fears? I’m not comfy with either spiders or balloons.

Q – Favourite Quote. The Ain’t I a Woman speech by Sojourner Truth makes me insanely happy.

R – Reasons to smile. Dancing. Listening to cheesy music with my friends. Joking around. Reading and writing. The warmth of the sun. Smell of bakeries. Pretty lights and moments where things just seem to fit. Firefly and Serenity (thankyou Joss Whedon!) Late nights out, compliments.

S – Season? Winter during the Christmas/new year build-up and summer

T – Tag Three. anyone who wants to

U – Unknown Fact About Me. I’m a fangirl with all that entails

V – Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? Benign oppressor

W – Worst Habit? procrastination

X – X-rays or Ultrasounds? bwah?

Y – Your Favourite Foods? Pastries! With caramel! Cherries and chocolate. Sushi and prawns and muscles. Carbonara pasta and salad nicoise. Pate.

Z – Zodiac? Gemini


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