Newt In A Tea Cup

{March 24, 2007}   Do I look bovvered?

Okay, seriously, who the hell does searches for “elderly granny porn“?

Conversation I had today whilst walking back from work and nibbling on my chicken drumsticks (my lunch, you tossers.)

Idiot1&2: Yo gorgeous! Is it good? Baby- come here!
Me: Ooh- does that make you feel like a big strong man, you little sweethearts?
Idiot 3 (running after me): Hey, just ignore them. Ignore them. Can I talk to you?
Me: (eyebrow goes up in what I shall label dubious/sarcastic/withering stare or DSWS for short)
Idiot 3: You really are a very beautiful woman. (add various flirtatious noises)
Me: Thankyou. I already know that. (DSWS working overtime)
Idiot 3: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: Not interested.

Just a note: I’d only had five hours sleep the night before and looked it. My hair was what, if one squinted, cocked head and looked towards sun, one would call stylishly dishevelled (i.e: not brushed). If my lips were red it was because they were so chapped they were bleeding. Now, I know I’m a gorgeous women, thank you very much 😛 , but those twasocks seem to be completely blind in their search for a two legged female target. Because at that moment in time I was hardly flashing my “come hither” eyes. Idiots.

Oh, and if you’re mates are complete idiots you’ve already blown your chances. Refraining from yelling “nice arse” does not prince charming make anyway. Idiots.


gingermiss says:

When I was 17 I swam in the pool of our apartment complex while a drunk, perverted 40 year old man proceeded to hit on me as his friends watched and laughed. He eventually became brazen enough to surreptitiously slide his foot up my leg. Originally I felt that I shouldn’t be forced to stop doing what I wanted to do because of a sexual predator. When he touched me, I bolted. You post made me think of this.

Joanna says:

What is it with stupid self-centred men who think they have a right to harrass you? There ‘s a difference between paying a woman a complimen and harrassing her. Examples:

1) Like you, I wasn’t exactly in the mood for attention from anyone. I was wearing no makeup, hadn’t brushed my hair and was going home on the tube from a party the night before so looked a mess. I noticed a young man kept looking at me quite a lot, but not in a leery way. As he left, he told me he thought I was a very good-looking woman. He didn’t leer, he wasn’t rude, he didn’t stay on the train to pester me. It cheered me up.

2) Young man follows me up to Oxford Street demanding I kiss him because he’d had a bad day. I think he’s joking. He’s not. He isn’t smiling and is deadly serious. I say no. he continues to pester me. I refuse again and he leaves but not after he’s groped my arse.

There’s a big difference between a compliment and being rude, and what that man did to you was plain rude.

tcupnewt says:

Welcome to the tea cup, Joanna!

Right. It’s absolutely disgusting how all of this is so common and serves to completely undermine women’s sense of collective safety outside the home. No one should be harassed- I know it doesn’t always seem like a big deal but it’s unwanted and unwarranted. It also makes you feel under constant scrutiny. Not nice.

1) A genuine compliment given with respect is lovely and I’m sure many guys intend that but are clueless; There is such a thing as body language. These guys simply don’t seem to realise when they are making women uncomfortable despite it being blatantly obvious and are too self-obsessed to think that she may have better things to do. Others do notice this and continue- that seems to be the draw for them. I wish there were more men like the example you gave; maybe I just haven’t met them. It certainly would make many days much brighter.

2) Helloooo entitlement! I find it hard to believe that his brain didn’t implode from lack of grey matter/logic…

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