Newt In A Tea Cup

{March 2, 2007}   Friday Word Blogging

Beautiful, beautiful poetry that talks about how gendered discrimination hurts men too, how this hurts women and all of our capability’s to relate with each other; the hypocrisy of the war on terror when there is plenty of terror in our own homes.

Def Poetry – Mark Gonsalez – As With Most Men

Check it out.


That made me cry.

tcupnewt says:

It is so beautiful… I’ve heard it said that poetry is emotion distilled in words.

That’s fabby Newt – i’ve swiped it 😉

I watched it. Then watched it again. And again. It made me cry too. Thank you Newt!

tcupnewt says:

Amazing what you find, ain’t it? I’m very happy this is touching for you.

stormy says:

Thanks Newt! Excellent.

His MySpace is:

Grace says:

Hmmm I tried to trackback to you but it did not seem to work!

I had to post about this after seeing it here because it made me cry too. Although I had to laugh at the ‘intimacy’ line! So powerful. We must never underestimate the power of the spoken word huh?!

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