Newt In A Tea Cup

{March 1, 2007}   Roundup

The thing I like about word press is the way it tells you the search terms people have used to get here.

So far I’ve had a majority of people arriving here looking for “sluts” and “masturbation“. To those of you – I would examine your intentions. That is all.

To the surprisingly large amount of people who typed in variations of “old nude men” – ????? my reaction

To the person who typed “how to spot promiscuous female” the answer I give is that you don’t. Women are not wildlife with a check list of features to spot and tick off a list. We are people with personalities. I still need to finish my “Slut series” but I think it’s clear that promiscuity is a constructed social ideal that varies from person to person. Often it is a double, unjust standard. And it most certainly does not affect a person’s worth.

To the two people (I presume women) who wanted to know how to induce abortion using tea– don’t. In 1994 a woman died from doing that. It isn’t worth it. From what I gather one of you is only 15 days along – go to a doctor, call a helpline. Do what you need to do but for God’s sake don’t put your life in danger. Please.

Now, to those who typed in lolita nude , men wanking over womens body, rape, lolita nude, father and girl porn and real lolita child porn I suggest you check in to a psychiatrists if not a police station. You are sick and twisted evil individuals and need a lot of help. Stop and think for once that you are getting off on the pain and destruction of real people. People with dreams, and emotions and minds and feelings. But I’m guessing you sick psychos don’t care about that, do you?

To everyone else who landed here looking for personalised teacups, what “u.k.” stands for, and a plethora of newt related searches (“how to knit outfits for a pet newt“, “how much does a newt weigh“, “pregnant newt conditions“, “cheesy newts” and “a small newts exposition” plus many more) I apologize and hope I haven’t impeded your search for greater knowledge. πŸ™‚


Now the Newt comments cheered me up no end! Saying that I loove newts and used to catch them when I was a kid. You don’t see as many of them now a days, all probably poisoned or something horrible with our attack on the planet ;-(

tcupnewt says:

‘Tis quite sweet. I’ve had so many ones that made me smile then be confused for a long time…Here is to many more newts! πŸ™‚

no ‘pubed panties’ searches? whaddya doing wrong, newt?

tcupnewt says:

I’m so ashamed of myself. Will try much harder, wondered.

‘much harder’ and ‘pubed panties’ on one page – i imagine the weird searches are but a click away…

Grace says:

I most regularly get ‘preteen’ related searches or searches relating to various lads mag awards that Keeley received…I have had ‘feminist xbox’ though…which makes me think that someone was looking for my post in particular maybe because how else would the two words go together?

I get a few people looking for Petah Lucia pics and that’s okay, because the obviously just want to see what Ani Difranco’s baby looks like!

Lately i’ve had a few where people have been searching for evidence of a sexualised culture – it’s real people! it’s all around us!

Newt searches made me smile also, which is amazing considering my mood!

tcupnewt says:

simplywondered- πŸ˜€

Grace- I’ve had a specific search for “newt in a tea cup” so yeah… could be. The prepubescent theme seems really, really strong… That disturbs me a lot… But it’s also true that every so often along comes intelligent people.

Yeah, I never knew there were so many newt fans out there… πŸ™‚

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