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{January 29, 2007}   Knife Sacrifices up 90%! God of Patriarchy promises a “Good Harvest”!

It appears that liposuction as risen by 90% in the UK in the last year. The rate for men has stayed completely stable (gendered pressure anyone?).

Far be it from me to throw a blanket condemnation but shouldn’t that be a really, really bad thing? I mean for all our sanitised pictures it’s still causing grievous bodily harm to our bodies; going under a knife!

Think about that expression- “Going under the knife”. “Knife”- blood, pain, violence, destruction. “Going under”- depressive, drowning, accepting, sacrifice. There is no connotation of pleasure or self-self-fulfilment in that descriptive sentence unless your idea of a good time is sacrificing virgins like they used to in the stone age.

And to be honest I’m not sure we’ve stopped that. One only has to look at the disturbing virgin fetish in today’s pornography which is often linked with violence. Not mainstream enough? Not acceptable by the elite? I could argue that, but okay, let’s look at some other things once practised by everyone who was anyone:

– footbinding.
– corsets (they used to be so tight as to make women bleed under the arms and a thousand other horrors)
– FGM (still happening)
– Putting mercury (or was it arsenic?) on your face

I’m sure there are plenty more I’ve missed – feel free to add them.

I believe that cosmetic surgery is our modern form of foot binding and tightlacing.

In fact I’ve been meaning to write on that before. Nothing ever changes. Those barbaric practices have only been swapped around; a whalebone for a needle as it were. And, if I am correct, women are implicit in each one. Also known as Stockholm Syndrome.

There are some corsets out there that exist for health reasons and that does apply to some motives for surgical procedures, but the point that the majority who used them did so to incredible detriment and suffering on their part for the visual pleasure of someone else. After all:

“However, it is important to note that liposuction and tummy tucks are not a treatment for weight management or obesity: they are body contouring procedures for patients near or already at their ideal body weight.”

This is aesthetic surgery. Werther it is enterprise in the spirit of wanting to have more confidence, loosing baby fat, fitting anything it all seems to come down to looks. But not the way women look – women have looked pudgy (and dare I question if many going through this even are?) throughout all of peoplekind’s history. This is about the way men have decreed they want women to look and women have had no choice but follow through in the indoctrination.

Submission is, in part, taking pleasure in someone else’s happiness.

That so many women want to please people who would like them to mutilate and hurt themselves, tells me that the only way for the patriarchy to sustain itself is through forced and coerced masochism.

Growing up in France I heard this all the time – “Il faut souffrir pour etre belle” (“You have to suffer to be beautiful”).

Beauty and pain are almost seen as one and the same sometimes.

It is the mantra of a degenerate people bound on everyday oppression, the Stockholm Syndrome of women promising themselves that maybe, just maybe, if they do this they will be worth something. I think there has been some serious neglect and twisted brainwashing to make someone think a knife is a good and welcome option.

And look! It is the woman who must suffer, the woman who must present her body willingly on the altar of the surgeon, naked and eyes downcast. She is the one who must say “Yes, I am inadequate” and promise to do anything, pay anything, suffer anything so that He thinks she’s worth his time.

Ideas of beauty are also based on what aspects we elevate. It appears we elevate women’s capability to keep smiling pretty though her body is slowly being replaced with plastic. We elevate women who look like Barbies. Women who don’t have inner confidence. Women who follow the status quo size rack.

Women who’s only voice is their body.




Laurelin says:

I just discovered your blog- and I’m so happy I did! This is a great post. Many thanks.

There was a song fromthe 1920’s (i think) it goes…
Keep young and beautiful
It’s your duty to be beautiful
keep young and beautiful…………..if you want to be loved.

Wha’! honestly what a message and I do not think things have changed. I staffed on plastic surgery for a number of years, what women are prepared to put themselves through in the name of that song, quite honestly it’s not good. Some of those proceedures are horrific —lipo included.

Professor Fifi Trixibell says:

Last night I nearly threw my tv out the window watching “10 Years Younger” it was horrible – they even wheeled in the woman’s 2 young children to pass comment, both before (oh, mum always looks so sad and tired), to afterward, in answer to that up-her-own-ass presenter Nicki Hambledon jones “oh, what’s it like to have such a gorgeous and young looking mummy now?” Shows like this should be illegal. It was truly sickening.

I do have a letter planned for channel 4 – please, everyone, write to them about this obscene theme – there is alwayas a surgical procedure with each “victim”.

Where are all the programmes which celebrate women’s acheivements, not terrorising them into submission of a male-defined, totally youth-oriented way of looking, and being depressed when they do not fit this standard?

Another theory of mine, and i have seen it mentioned by others, is that the cutting and mutilation of surgery is a form of self-harm – it’s just that it’s controlled and it’s done by someone else who you pray is going to change your life by making you look like men say you should look – truly sickening the way this is all going.

I won’t even go into an ad I heard on the radio this morning advertising ina lighthearted way, breast enlargement surgery! They were saying “your body, your breasts, your choice” – is it our choice? Reallly? All this pressure and it’s our choice?? I have written to the ASA about this ad, but they are generally useless, esp when it comes to things addressing image fascism against women.

tcupnewt says:

Great to see new people here! 🙂

Sparkle- I remember that song from adverts. I don’t think the sentiment has changed in the least.

Professor Fifi Trixibell- it’s funny, isn’t it how the children are used for emotional manipulation… I wonder how young those ideas get ingrained… To see it as a charity and entertainment in one shows how women are viewed to gain happiness from. The sad thing is that the program you mentioned is probably targeted at women so more sign up.
I don’t think plastic surgery is self-harm for everyone that does it but I do think it may apply to a large number of cases. It’s an interesting angle…

Freedom to conform is not freedom. Freedom to be oneself without judgement is where true freedom derives from.

Michelle says:

Here, here Professor Fifi Trixibell! Well said!

Richie says:

Ack! I know it’s a month late, but I just remembered an especially bad example of an outdated beauty product: Foundation made of white lead. That goes way beyond “potentially” fatal, and is also liable to make your nose fall off.

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